Eschatology or the time of the end

Hiroshima and Auschwitz have changed forever the way of humans to “be in the world”

Eschatology /ˌɛskəˈtɒləi/is a part of theology concerned with the final events of history, or the ultimate destiny of humanity. This concept is commonly referred to as the “end of the world” or “end time.”

“It happened that a fire broke out backstage in a theater. The clown came out to inform the public. They thought it was a jest and applauded. He repeated his warning. They shouted even louder. So I think the world will come to an end amid the general applause from all the wits who believe that it is a joke.” ― Søren Kierkegaard

Hiroshima and Auschwitz have changed forever the way of humans to “be in the world”. Both events are at the origin of a new era, there has been a before and an after. Nothing will ever be it has been before.
Time does not stand anymore for an open future, time is now what remains, before the End.
Hiroshima and Auschwitz, the origin of the time of the End.

The world, once familiar, becomes strange. The perceived reality is an illusion, hiding the world to come .

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